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Business Management

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Dogar Advanced Aptitude Tests Book for BBA MBA BS & Bank Job

Purpose of this Book: BBA, MBA, EMBA, BBIT, BS , MS , Banking & Finance State Bank Petroman CAT BCS MCS PGD BCAT  & other test Important…

IT in Business Book For ADP Commerce, BS By Shabbir Ahmad

Content Introduction To Computer Computer Hardware And Structure Computer Software and Application Networks And Communication Working With Documents Editing, Layout & Insertion In Documents Documents…

Pakistan Economy Leading Issues Book By M. Ramzan Sheikh

Table Of Content Overview Of Pakistan Economy Development Planning And Resource Mobilization Agriculture Sector And Its Problerms Industrials Sector And its Problems Employment,Unemployment And Social…

Sales and Marketing Ten In One Book in Urdu By KeyTaab

Content One-Page Marketing Plan 80/20 Sales And Marketing Advanced Selling Strategies Ask More The Four Disciplines Of Execution More Sales Less Time Sales Objections The…

Strategic Finance For Pakistan Book By Dr. Safdar Ali Butt

Main Topics Included: The Finance Function The Financial System Time Value of Money Sources & Cost Of Finance Capital Structure Dividend Policy Working Capital: An…

Target Economic Analysis Book For ADP BBA MBA By Dr. Ramzan Sheikh

Main Topics Included: Analysis of Demand Analysis of Supply Market Equilibrium Theory of Consumer Behavior Theory Of Production Cost and revenues Perfection Competition Imperfection Competition …

Competitive Business Administration Book For CSS by M. Ali & Mahvish Moaz

Competitive Business Administration For CSS,PMS,BBA & MBA Written By Muhammad Ali Best Seller According to Pattern of Test Recruitment Test Guide Competitive Exams Book …

Gohar Business Communication Book By Muhammad Farhan Nazeer

Content Communication Process Kind Of Communication & Oral Communication Skills Questioning Skill Listening Skill Interview & Principles Of Questionnaire Report Writing Studying Skill Group Communication …
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