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Animal Husbandry Book by S. Iqbal Shah

Contents Introduction to the Student The Role of Livestock in the National Economy Handling and Restraint of Farm Animal Breeds and Types of Livestock in…

Caravan A Textbook of Botany Paper C for BSC and BS 4 Years by Tanveer Ahmad Malik

Contents: Structure and Function of Biomolecules Plasma Membrane & Cytoplasm Ultrastructure of Plant cell The Nucleus and the chromosome Reproduction in Cell Chromosomal Aberrations Genetics…

Caravan Botany Subject Specialist & Lectureship MCQS Book by Dr. Hammad Ashraf

Contents: Botany Algae Economic Importance of Algae Bryophytes Classification of Bryophytes Hepatophyta Bryopsida Vascular Plants Fossil Record & Geological Time Scale Pteridophytes Classification of Pteridophytes …

Doctor Botany Practical Note Book A for BS 4 Years by Riaz ul Haq

Contents: Study of Bacteria Study of Nostoc (for B.S. only) Study of Anab.aena (for B.S. only) Study of Oscillatoria (for B.S. only) Study of Chlamydomonas…

Doctor Botany Practical Note Book B for B.S 4 Years by Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad

Contents: Study of cross section of monocot and dicot stems Study of cross section of bifacial leaf Technical description of common flowering plants Ranunculaceae Brassicaceae …

Doctor Botany Practical Note Book C for BS 4 Years by Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan

Contents: Cell Biology: Study of cell structure using compound microscope nd elucidation of ultrastructure form electron microphotographs Measurement of cell size Study of mitosis and…

Doctor Botany Practical Note Book D for BS 4 Years by Prof. Riaz ul Haq

Features of the Book: Master Success Series B.Sc 2 Years BS (4 Years) Semester IV Up To Date Edition According To The Latest Syllabus Easy…

Essence of Botany Book By Prof. Mahnoor Malik

Contents: Systematics And Classification of Plants Classification of Living World Structure of Bacterial Cell and bacteriophage Fungi & Lichens Algae Plant Anatomy Phanerogams Ultrastructure of…

JWT Botany Book for CSS by Dr M Umar Bhatti

Contents: Chapter 1 Phycology Chapter 2 Mycology Chapter 3 Bryology Chapter 4 Peteridophyta and Gymnosperms Chapter 5 Anatomy an d embryology Chapter 6 Taxonomy of…

Botany MCQs/ Objective Book for PPSC NTS by Prof Nazia Ahmad

Features Botany MCQs/ Objective Book Public Service Commission & NTS/ETEA MCQs Series For Lecturer, Subject Specialist, Educator, Cat(Subject)NTS&ETEA According to the Latest Syllabus Up-To-Date Edition …

Ilmi One Liner Capsule Botany Book For PCS PMS By Rai Mansab Ali

Main Topics Included Assistant Professor Botany CSS Screening Test Associate Professor Botany Botany Lectureship Botany B.Sc, B.S Examination Biology Educators SESE BPS-14, SSE BPS-16 Botany …
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