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Constitutional Law

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Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan By Hamid Khan (in Urdu)

Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan (in Urdu) is a comprehensive and informative book that provides a detailed account of the constitutional…

Encyclopedia World Constitutions Book for CSS PMS by Zohaib Hassan

Contents: Scope of Constitutional law Principles of Constitutional law Constitution of United Kingdom Constitution of United States of America Constitution of France Constitution of Russian…

Jahangir’s Constitutional Law Book For CSS, PCS, LLB, LLM By Raheem Baksh Maitlo

Contents: Constitutional Law Constitutional Convention Rule of Law Due Process Parliamentary System of Government Separation of Powers Judicial Interpretation Fundamental Rights For: CSS, PCS, LLB, LLM…

Justice A. R. Cornelius A Constitutionalist Book By Jahangir’s World Times

Contents: Reflections on the Life of Justice A. R. Cornelius Jurisprudential Legacy of Justice A. R. Cornelius Justice A. R. Cornelius Memorial Lectures Selected…

Lecture Notes on LAW GAT & SEE LAW 10th Edition 2023 Book By Sir Umar Latif

Contents: Constitutional History of Pakistan (Cases) The Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 International Law English Jurisprudence Islamic Jurisprudence Code of Civil Procedure ( CPC ) Pakistan…

Modern Constitutions Book by Mazhar ul Haq

Contents: Constitution of Great Britain Nature of the British Constitution The Queen and the Crown The Cabinet The Privy Council Administration and Civil Services Parliament:…

Oxford Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan Fourth Edition Book By Hamid Khan

Oxford Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan Hard  Binding English language Excellent Quality Third Edition Number of Pages 762 Written by Hamid khan …

Rahims Muhammadan Jurisprudence Book by Mansoor Book House

Contents: History of the Growth of the Muhammadan Legal System Sciences of Law , Law and Classification of Laws Sources of Law The Quran and…

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 Bare Act Book by M. Rafiq Butt

Contents: Part I Introduction Part II Fundamental Rights and principles of Policy Chapter 1 Fundamental Rights Chapter 2 Principles of Policy Part III The Federation…

UBC Assignment On Constitutional Law-1 Book For LL.B By BZU

Important Topic : British Constitutional Law Sources of English Constitution Conventions Parliamentary Sovereignty House of Lords House of Commons Prime Ministry British Judicial System Rules…

World Constitutions Book For CSS PMS PCS By M Sohail Bhatti

Contents: Definition and Scope of constitution Law Basic Constitutional Concept Constitutional Conventions Rule of Law Due Process Residential Form of Government Separation of Powers Independence…

Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan Book Third Edition By Hamid Khan

Main Topics Included Pre-Partition Constitutional And Political History Constitutional and Political Developments: August 1947 To October 1958 The Ayub Regime: October 1958 To March…
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