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Business Administration

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Advanced Business Administration Book for CSS by M Ahmed

Contents: Paper 1: Management Management yesterday and today Planning Organizing Leading: Mobilizing People Controlling: Learning and changing Paper 2: Part 1: Marketing The Field of Marketing The…

Advanced Business Administration for CSS Book by Muhammad Ahmed Abdullah

Contents: Management Marketing Human Resource Management Financial Management Analyzing Financial Statements Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Financial Ratios Financial Decision Making Techniques Capital Budgeting Techniques Measurement…

Business Administration Book for CSS PMS top 20 Questions Series JWT by Muhammad Ahmad

Contents: Question 1 Organizational Management Question 2: Strategic Management Question 3: Developing organization design and Structure Question 4: Managing change and innovation in an organization …

Business Ten in one Book In Urdu By KeyTaab

Contents Ten in one book Rich Dad Poor Dad Good to Great Speed to trust Hacking growth Angel Business Brilliant Motivational Book …

HSM Business Administration Book By Salman Hassan

Content Management What Is Organization Management In Organination Human Resource Management Functions Of HRM Financial Management Time Value Of Money Operations Management Process Strategy Supply…

HSM Business Administration MCQs Book for CSS by Rizwan Manzoor

Contents: Management Risk and Return HRM Financial Management Operations and Supply Chain Management Marketing Miscellaneous Glossary of Business Terms …

IT in Business Book For ADP Commerce, BS By Shabbir Ahmad

Content Introduction To Computer Computer Hardware And Structure Computer Software and Application Networks And Communication Working With Documents Editing, Layout & Insertion In Documents Documents…

JWT Business Administration Book for CSS, PMS & All Other Relevant Exams By Syed Ahsan Zohaib

Contents: Management Defining Organization, Management & Management In Organizations Organization Four Management Functions., Management Riles, Management skills Management Planning, Goal Setting, and Decision making Strategic…

JWT Business Administration MCQS Book for CSS PMS by Syed Ahsan Zohaib

Contents: Section I Management Section II HR Management Section IIII Financial Management Section IV Operations and Supply Chain Management Section V Marketing …

Pakistan Economy Leading Issues Book By M. Ramzan Sheikh

Table Of Content Overview Of Pakistan Economy Development Planning And Resource Mobilization Agriculture Sector And Its Problerms Industrials Sector And its Problems Employment,Unemployment And Social…

Sales and Marketing Ten In One Book in Urdu By KeyTaab

Content One-Page Marketing Plan 80/20 Sales And Marketing Advanced Selling Strategies Ask More The Four Disciplines Of Execution More Sales Less Time Sales Objections The…

Target Fundamental Auditing Book For BBA By Shakeel Ahmad

Important Contents: Chapter 01: The Nature, Purpose, Scope & Theory of Auditing 21 Chapter 02: The True & Fair View 47 Chapter 03: The Regulatory Framework…
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