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CSS Books for General Science and Ability

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Advance General Ability Tests Book For CSS By Imtiaz Shahid

Advance General Ability Tests For CSS PMS FPSC KPK PSC NTS & All Relevant Exams Answer with Explanations Mental Ability Logical Number of Pages…

Ahad General Science & Ability Book For CSS PMS By M Nauman

Ahad General Science and Ability According to new syllabus General Science Book Physical Science book General Ability Number of pages 502 For CSS PMS…

Caravan General Science And Ability Book By Hafiz Karim Dad

Main Purpose of this Book: For CSS, PMS, PCS & All Other Competitive Examinations Revised 3rd Edition 2020 For FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC Important Topic: Physical…

Caravan General Science and Ability Book for CSS PMS by Noman Mahmood

Contents: Physical Sciences Biological Sciences Environmental Sciences Food Science Information Technology quantitate Ability / Reasoning Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning Ability Mental Abilities Solved Past…

Current General Science and Ability for CSS Book by Raza Ullah Khan

Important Topics: Part 1: Physical Sciences Chapter 1: (Part-1) Universe Chapter 2: Processes of Nature Chapter 3: Natural Hazards & Disasters Chapter 4: Energy Chapter…

General Science & Ability Guess Papers For CSS 2024 By Asad Aziz

Table of Contents General Science Q.1 What is the importance of ozone layer? Explain the causes and effects of ozone depletion. Q.2 What is meant by smog? Discuss…

General Science and Ability Book 4th Edition by Dr Muhammad Atif Ali

Contents: Physical Science Biological Science Environmental Sciences Food Science Quantitative Ability and Reasoning Logical Reasoning and Analytical Abilities Mental Abilities …

HSM General Science & Ability Book For CSS By Khizar Hayat

Features: General Science & Ability According to the new Syllabus of CSS Soft Binding Number of Pages 363 …

HSM General Science and Ability MCQs Book By Aamer Shahzad

Contents Physical Sciences Natural Hazards and Disasters Energy Resources Atomic Structure Modern Materials/Chemicals Biological Sciences …

HSM Super General Science and Ability Book For CSS Past Papers Syllabus By Aamer Shahzad

Purpose of this Book : For CSS all other Competitive Exams Important Topic: Physical Science Geography Biological Science Environmental Science Food Science Information Technology General Ability …

ilmi General Science and Ability For CSS By Rai Mansab Ali

ilmi Capsule General Science & Ability For PCS PMS Essentials Number of pages 212 It can also be used in following types of test: NTS,PCS…
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