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General Knowledge

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1 Paper Solved MCQS Guide Book by M Sohail Bhatti

Contents: General Knowledge Intelligence Tests Quantitative Aptitude Test Computer Aptitude Test English Language Comprehension Islamic Studies MCQS Pakistan Studies MCQS Previous Solved Papers …

A Guide to World Geography & General Knowledge for PPSC, FPSC, NTS by M Shahid Akbar

Contents Map of the world Geography Terms Oceans and Sea Deserts Religions of the world Continents Asia Desert of Asia West Asia Syria Iran Iraq …

Advanced General Knowledge One Liner Objective Complete Preparation in 2 Weeks 45rd Edition 2024 By Dr. Iqra Imtiaz

Contents: Geography & Physiography Everyday Science Computer & Internet Islamic Studies Pakistan Studies / Affairs English Urdu Notable Dams Notable Lakes Currency Capitals Independence Day …

Advanced Spectrum General Knowledge MCQs Book For NTS,OTS,CSS, By M. Imtiaz Shahid

Contents: Basic Information Universe: MCQs Earth and its Structure: Basic Information Earth and its Structure: MCQs Physical and World Geography Geographical Terms Notable Plateaus Basic …

Caravan Aptitude Tests Guide Book By Ch Ahmad Najib

Main Topics Included: English Vocabulary Arithmetic Non Verbal Tests General Knowledge Islamic Studies Current Affairs Pakistan Studies …

Caravan kon kya hay Book by M Soban Chaudhry

فہرست: معلومات پاکستان اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان نظام کائنات سائنس کمپیوٹر انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی اقوام متحدہ اور دیگر انٹرنیشنل نظمیں دنیا کی مشہور شخصیات Terminology دنیائے متفرق معلومات عالمی حکمران اسلامیات معلومات اردو مخففات عالمی و قومی وسائل وتنازعات Prepositions…

Carvan Comprehensive General Knowledge MCQs Book By Ch. Ahmad Najib latest Edition 2024

Main Topics: General Geography Rivers of the World Ocean and Seas Canals, Barrages and Dams Mountains and Plateaues Computer Islamiyat Pakistan Studies Geography of Pakistan …

Dogar Brother Ultimate CSS-MPT Screening Test Preparation Guide with Solved Past Papers

Contents: Essential Information English Grammar General Abilities Basic Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability ( Intelligence Test ) Islamic Studies General Knowledge…

Dogar Sons ESE Urdu MCQS Guide Book

Contents: General Knowledge Pakistan Studies Islamiat Everyday Science History of Pakistan …

Dogar’s Kon Kia Hai Book in Urdu By Shahid Mehmood New 2024 Edition

Dogars Unique Kon Kiya Hay Urdu Language Budget 2022-24 2022-24 Edition General Knowledge Important National and International Personalities Knowledge of Islam Information of Pakistan …

Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Book By Zahid Hussain

Jahangir Success Series Encyclopedia of General Knowledge                                     …

Encyclopedia of General Knowledge MCQs Book For CSS PMS PCS & All Other Relevant Exams By Adeel Niaz New 156 Edition of 2024

Contents: General Knowledge Pakistan Studies Everyday Science Islamiat Basic Computer Operations & IT Mathematics Intelligence Tests Common Observation Questions & Amazing Facts English Features Encyclopedia Of…
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