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CSS Complete Syllabus & Past Papers (Compulsory & Optional) 2019-2023 Exclusive Interviews with Haroon Sahu & Dr. Noor ul Huda

Contents: CSS New Syllabus A: Syllabus Compulsory Subjective) English Essay English (Precis & Composition) General Science & Ability Current Affairs Islamic Studies Paper: Comparative Study…

HSM Anthropology Book For CSS, By Syed Mohsin Raza

Features Anthropology Book Best For CSS Students According to the  New Syllabus of CSS & Other competitive exams HSM CSS  Anthropology MCQs Easy to Read …

HSM Anthropology MCQS Book by Aamer Shahzad

Contents: Anthropology MCQs Set 1 Four Misconceptions about Anthropology (Box) Difference between Ethnography and Ethnology (Box) Distinguishing features of Anthropology (Box) Physical Anthropology (Box) Paleoanthropology (Box) Anthropology MCQs Set 2 Primatology (Box) Anthropometry (Box) Sociocultural…

JWT Anthropology Book for CSS by Sara Khan

Contents: Anthropology Social Anthropology Institution of family and Marriage Kinship and social Organization Economic Organization Political Organization Religion Contemporary Human Problems Urban Anthropology Socio Cultural…
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