Study to Language Teaching Methods Book 7 For BS English By Prof. Mukhtar Parvez

Study to Language Teaching Methods Book 7 For BS English By Prof. Mukhtar Parvez



  1. Section-I


  • Grammar Translation Method
  • Direct Method
  • Audio Lingual Method
  • Audio Visual Method
  • Total Physical Response
  • Suggestopoedia
  • The Silent Way
  • Community Language Learning
  • Computer Assisted L. Learning
  1. Section-II


  • Definitions of Approaches
  • Community Language Teaching
  • Situational Language Teaching
  • Content Based Instruction
  • Task based Language Teaching
  • Cooperative Language Learning
  • Eclectic Approach
  1. Section-III

Theories of Language Learning

  • B.F Skinner Theory
  • Chomsky’s Innate Theory
  • Contrastive Study of Behaviorism and Mentalism
  • Humanism
  • Micro Teaching Practice in classroom
  1. Section-IV

Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Basic Concept of SLA

  •  Key Issues in SLA
  • Language Acquisition and Learning
  • First Language Acquisition
  • Comparing and Contrasting Frist and SLA
  • Factors affecting First and Second language
  • Social Factors and SLA
  • Cognitive Factors and SLA
  • Individual Differences and SLA
  • Error Analysis and SLA

II. Theories of SLA

  • Krashen’s Monitor Model of SLA

III. Interlanguage Theories

  • Overgeneralization
  • Transfer of Training
  • Strategies of SLA
  • Language Transfer
  • Stabilization and Fossilization in Interlanguage
  • Language Socialization in SLA
  • Acculturation/Paganization Theory
  • Sociocultural Theory
  • Cognitive Approaches of SLA
  • Universal Grammar
  • Role of Universal Grammar in First and SLA
  1. Section-V

I. Testing and Evaluation

  • Kinds of Test & Testing
  • Proficiency Tests
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Placement Tests
  • Direct vs Indirect Testing
  • Discrete Point vs Integrative Testing
  • Norm & Criterion-Referenced Tests
  • Objective vs Subjective Testing
  • Communicative Language Testing
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Characteristics of a Good Test

II. Testing Language Sub-Skills

  • Vocabulary Tests
  • Grammar Tests
  • Pronunciation Tests

III. Writing Testing communication Skills

  • Reading Tests
  • Writing Tests
  • Listening Tests
  • Speaking Tests

IV. The Principles of Evaluation

  • Evaluation and Kinds
  • Purposes of Evaluation
  • Classroom & Curriculum Evaluation

V. The Practice of Evaluation

  • Project Evaluation
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • syllabus Evaluation

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