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4000 NTS Pharmacy Technician MCQs & Objective +Subjective part-II for 2nd years By Dr Talha Ibrahim

Table of contents Social Behaviour law & Ethics Pharmacology Pharmaceutics -II Pharmaceutics-III Computer& Its application pharmacy …

A Background to English Literature Book By NKM Series

Content Of This Book  Short History of English Literature  Literature Its Definition & Classification The Down of English  Poetry Nature and Function Study of Drama …

A Brief History of Pakistan from the Earliest time Book By Ihsan H. Nadiem

1 Wars and Conflicts: Outline major conflicts with neighboring India, including the wars of 1947, 1965, and 1971, which led to the creation of Bangladesh. Contemporary…

A Brief History Of Time Book In Urdu By Stephen Hawking

Unravel the Universe’s Secrets in Urdu with “A Brief History of Time” Embark on a captivating journey through time and space with the Urdu translation…

A Critical History of English Literature Book Latest Edition Volume-I-IV by David Daiches

Updated Information: If it's the latest edition, the book should incorporate recent scholarship, literary theories, and discoveries to keep readers abreast of current perspectives. …

A Gateway to new Countdown Mathematics book for class 4 By Akmal Hussain Hamdani

Contents > Number and Arithmetic Operations > Factors and Multiples > Fractions > Decimals > Measurements > Perimeter and Area > Geometry > Data Handling…

A Gateway to new Countdown Mathematics Book for class 5 By Akmal Hussain

Table of contents > Number and Arithmetic operations > HCF and LCM > Fractions > Decimals and Percentage > Distance, Time, and Temperature > Unitary Method > Geometry > Perimeter and area > Information…

A Gateway to Understand & Communicate Book 2 with Solution by Manzer Khursheed

Table of Contents Invitation to Fight Aging The Other me To Preserve or to Destroy Seeing Ourselves How to pick an Orange Fallacies about Food …

A Level Accounting 9706 paper-1(MCQs ) Book by M. Nauman Malik

Table of Contents Bank reconciliation statements Irrecoverable debts & Doubtful debts According for Non-Current Assets According concepts and conventions Financial statements of sole traders Financial…

A Level Business 9609 paper-2 Topical past papers By Read & Write publication

Important Contents Business and its Environment People in Organisations Marketing Operation and project Managements Finance And Accounting …

A Level Physics 9702 paper-5 book Yearly worked solutions By Jawad Tariq

  The book provides a format to attempt complete paper according to Cambridge international examination requirement. Step by step answer along with diagram is provided in the…

A text book of Organic Spectroscopy Book for BS. 4 years program By Ghulam Rasool

Table of Contents Spectroscopy Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy Infrared spectroscopy NMR Spectroscopy Mass Spectroscopy …
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